Official Application for Membership in the American Association for Cancer Research
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Welcome to the Online Membership Application for the American Association for Cancer Research. We appreciate your interest in membership in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and we look forward to welcoming you to our scientifically vibrant Association. Before you begin, you will need the following supporting documents to complete the online application.

  • Documents: A copy of your most recent curriculum vitae and bibliography (Candidates applying for student membership should submit a resume.)
  • Nomination: Name and AACR Member Number of a nominator who is an Active, Emeritus or Honorary member in good standing. (Active candidates require TWO nominations). Candidates for Student membership can provide include a school advisor, mentor, dean, or principal. If you are unable to procure a nominator to support your application, please send a request that includes your name, institution, City, State, and Country to and we will be happy to provide a list of eligible nominators.
  • Affiliate and Student Member Candidates Only: Cover letter explaining the reasons for the candidate's interest in joining, his or her particular qualifications for this membership category, and the benefit(s) he or she expects to derive from becoming a member.
  • Affiliate Member Candidates Only: At least one recommendation letter from an Active, Emeritus, or Honorary Member which comments on the candidate's current research activity, the candidate has within the department, and why the nominator feels the candidate should apply for Affiliate rather than Active or Associate membership.
  • Student Member Candidates Only: AACR Student membership is open only to individuals enrolled in high school or undergraduate programs. Graduate level students must apply for AACR Associate membership.
  • Payment: Payment of first year's dues must be submitted with the online application. Credit card information will need to be provided in order to complete the application submission. Membership is free for undergraduate and high school students applying for Student membership.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All required documents must be available when you begin the online membership application. You will not be able to return to an incomplete application once you exit.

To begin your application, click appropriate button below.

Please add to your address book so as to receive correspondence regarding your membership application submission. Should you have any additional questions, please view the Membership section of our website, or contact us at, or (215) 440-9300.